This is my personal Journey. This is my life. This is my story.
Looking back nostalgically over the formal years of my past experience, I couldn’t say I planned my life. I cannot take credit of my life’s achievements for my success is merely on the complementary side.
We cannot take hold of something which does not belong to us.
For all the successes of building up Baktipadu Sdn. Bhd., I have to give credit to an invisible hand.
Nothing is real if you do not know the truth and only the truth will set us free.
It is about being true to oneself. While most people will raise the question of: “why me?” when they are at the lowest points of their lives. But to me, I sought the truth behind my blessings when I reached the highest point of my career. I recollect the faithful day when I asked the most important question of my life. I sought the authentic truth behind my success: why me?
The word of truth is deep and clear, and it changed the entire purpose and direction of my life. I am called to be His good and faithful financial steward.
My labor now is only for His Kingdom Purpose and more importantly, to bring back the righteous economy of God, into the central role. The truth of who I am is still progressive, as in 1 Corinthians 13:12, it becomes clearer and clearer as I continue this journey of faith with Him. God has made everything beautiful in His time throughout the four seasons of my life.
I declare the truth.
God prospers some and He put others in more humble circumstances. It is important to view true blessing with eternity in mind. God called us to be in His Kingdom Work and stand in His righteousness. That is our holy ground. (Matthew 6:3). Being fully engaged in His Kingdom Purpose is my greatest honor.
I do not wish to commit the greatest injustice of my life by not declaring the authentic truth behind my financial success.
I now conclude and declare that I am His mere steward, stewarding His economy and all glory belongs to Him and Him alone. For this, my heart is at rest.
David F.L. Wong 

回顾我过去所经历过的那些岁月, 我不能说是我规划了自己的人生。我也不能把我一生的成就归功于自己。 因为我只是祂的器皿, 我一切的成就只是属于配合的一面。我们不能抓住不属于自己的东西。建立百都地产有限公司的一切成就, 我必须归功于一只隐藏的手。
如果你不知道真相, 就没有什么是真实的, 只有真理才能使你自由。
这是一件坦诚面对自己的事。大多数人在生命的低谷时会提出 “为什么是我?”的问题。
但对我而言, 当我达到职业生涯的最高峰时, 我在这祝福的背后要寻找这成功的真相。记得那一天, 我提出生命中最重要的问题:“为什么是我?”时, 那真实的话语是那么的深刻和清晰。
更重要的就是将上帝公义的经济带回到中心的岗位里。一切有关我是谁的事实, 仍然在进行着。正如哥林多前书13:12所说: “我们如今彷佛对着镜子看, 模糊不清, 到那时就要面对面了” 。
所以我若继续在这信心的旅程上与祂同行, 它就会变得越来越清晰。在我生命的四个季节里, 神必使一切都成为美好。
神使一些人富裕, 却使另一些人处于更卑微的环境中。但重要的是以永恒来看待真正的祝福。神呼召我们进入祂国度的工作里, 站在祂的公义中, 这就是我们的圣地 (太 6:3)。
能够全然参与祂国度的旨意, 实是我最大的荣幸。我不想因为没有说明我财务成功的背后之真相而犯了生命中最大的不义。
现在我要总结并宣称, 我只是祂的管家, 掌管着祂的经济。愿所有的荣耀都属于祂, 单单归于祂。此刻, 我的心灵获得无比的安息。